Sunday, 17 January 2016

New Years Resolution

So It's been 17 days into the new year and most people 
tend to have a new years resolution but never bother to do It. I 
have a new years resolution this year and its not too hard but 
but not too easy and It's quite different to many new years resolutions, I would say. For these 17 days I have been writing a 
journal. A journal that I write In everyday on what I 
get up to during the day and that's It. 
I felt that I would kinda want to know what I would be doing In the days of my younger self, wouldn't you? 

Well you guys don't actually know how old I am and I'm not going 
to say my exact age all I'm going to say Is that I am older than 10, yeah that young. 

I thought I should do a different post this time, one more about me.
hope you liked it and comment your new years resolutions. 
Lollypop xoxo

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Eos Lip balms

These lip balms are absolutely incredible! Although they are
quite pricey for lip balms they are worth it. Usually 
when I buy a lip balm it will wipe of very easily but these
stay on for a very long time and they keep my lips very 
smooth. If your live in a cold country like me then 
these will be very useful especially if you get dry lips 
a lot of the time. The best part is that they have 
so many different flavours and they smell amazing by the way. The one above is vanilla mint and that one is my favourite right now.

I get these from amazon as they are cheaper. Sorry I haven't posted for a while but I will try more in the future. Lollypop xoxo 

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Redness Cream

Hey guys I'm back and blogging again I've been really busy.
But I thought I should come back with something helpful.
Now some of you may have suffered from redness 
around the nose and face, well so have I.
So I'm going to show you a product that is outstanding.

This Is what I have been using for the past few weeks 
and it has blown my mind.
I have suffered from redness around my nose for about 3 years 
now and because of this cream its starting to clear up.
This cream is for dry/flaky skin, eczema, itchy skin, 
dry psoriasis and sunburn. I didn't have any of these 
problems and It still worked! 
I strongly suggest this for people suffering with redness,
I got this product at a normal supermarket.

I also want to thank the people who have commented on my other posts. It makes me feel that I've got somewhere and I really 
appreciate it. Lollypop xoxo  

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Kate Moss Lipstick

I've recently been out shopping and thought
I should try out these Kate Moss lipsticks. I have only used 
this lipstick once and I just cant tell you how amazing it is!

I got the colour 101 which is a very nice pink colour.
These lipsticks stay on for a very long period of time and are just so lovely. I got the Lipstick in Superdrug which is a UK shop 
but I'm sure you can get it in plenty of other places.

Sorry that this post was a little short today promise 
to keep them long and interesting! Lollypop xoxo

Friday, 13 February 2015

Bodyshop Haul

I absolute love Bodyshop and I have been 
shopping there for quite a while now. So 
I thought I would do a little haul 
for you guys.

Body Butter

There is a lot of products you can get from
Bodyshop but the one that caught my eye was 
body butter. In Bodyshop there is a huge range 
of body butter's and there's always new ones 
coming out. The Body butter always keep 
my skin feeling nice and soft and 
you get loads of different types.


 I love all the eyeshadow in Bodyshop and 
best part is that they have lot's of neutral 
colours. They also have plenty of other colours to choose from if 
your not so in to neutral colours like I am. They do come 
in small cases so they are really easy to travel with.

Lip gloss

These little lip gloss's are my favorite out 
of every other single lip gloss you get in Bodyshop.
They stay on my lips for a long time and they taste 
really nice as well! 
The different types are watermelon,raspberry,strawberry,passionberry and satsuma shimmer.

Waterproof mascara  

This mascara is amazing if you want a mascara that will stay 
on for days this is the one for you. It is very waterproof 
and is actually really hard to get of unless you use 
waterproof mascara remover. But still a very good mascara 
and keeps my eye lashes looking good.

Now that's all I have for you guys today but they will
definitely be more coming! Lollypop xoxo 

Thursday, 29 January 2015

How To Get Rid Of Blackheads

I've had blackheads for a while now and I really hate
them. So I have been trying to find different 
products that will get them away but none 
of them worked. Recently I saw a review on this product 
that gets blackheads away so I bought it 
and tried it out myself and I'm not going to lie 
this product is life saving it really worked!
That's why I decided to share this product 
with you guys who have the same problem 
that I have. 

It is a mask so you put it on where your blackheads 
are and wait about 10 mins then peel it off. It wont have took all the blackheads out at once but it will have brought out quite a few 
so you will have to use this multiple times to get all of them out.
After you have used it I would suggest using a blackhead remover tool to get out all the loose blackheads that didn't come out with the mask. There are ways to get more blackheads out than just putting the mask on strait away. Like putting a hot face cloth over your face to make the blackheads come out easier. 

Amazon: Blackhead Herbal Conk Mask

Hope this helped anyone who has blackheads it sure helped me!
Lollypop xoxo

Monday, 26 January 2015

2 Helpful Things For Your Hair

If your like me and does your hair styles really messily 
and then it end ups coming out! 
Or you forget to wash your hair and it smells horrible!
Don't worry I've had both of these problems  
and because of this it hasn't happened in ages.

Hair Spray

The Ultimate hold hair spray is amazing. It keeps my hair styles
in and nobody ever notices. It actually says a tip on the bottle 
and it really works " Spray a little on to brush and use to tame flyway ends. This tip is very useful and helps my hair look 
even better!

VO5 Ultimate hold hair spray:Boots 

Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo is also very helpful. Sometimes I do forget to wash my hair but dry shampoo will help it looking decent until 
you can wash your hair. It doesn't give the fool affect 
of actually washing your hair but it will make your hair not look as
as horrible and smelly. You don't need to put this on everyday 
it's not meant to be used everyday only if you think 
your hair doesn't look as good as it can be just give a little spray and you will be ready to go.

batiste Dry Shampoo:Boots 

Hopefully this helped you in anyway if it did 
I would really appreciate if you could tell some of your 
friends to get the word around. I'm doing this for fun and to help people. Lollypop xoxo